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Our Services

Subject-based Programs

Our subject-based programs consist of interactive workshops and talk sessions that are integrated into a school’s subject studies over several weeks. 


We work with teachers to ensure all our programs meet curriculum objectives and enable students to gain real-world insight into subject matter.


SEKAI have successfully hosted repeat programs in subjects such as Individuals & Societies, Theory of Knowledge, as well as Diversity and Leadership.


Campus Events

Our campus events are full-day programs that are held over multiple days and bring students together with our partners for cultural exchange.


We work hard to ensure the event can be a meaningful experience for everyone involved and aim to deepen the relationship between school and community.


SEKAI have hosted campus events for schools such as UWC ISAK Japan together with our Ainu partners, the first of its kind to be held at an international school.

School Trips

Our school trips are held over four to five days and designed as immersive educational journeys for students to connect with diverse communities.


We specialize in hosting school trips for small groups and coordinate all local activities to ensure a memorable experience for all participants.


SEKAI have hosted school trips for students to the rural villages of Northern Japan as well as the remote islands of Iriomote, Okinawa.

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