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Kai Childs Founder of SEKAI Education

Kai Childs


Kai is a creative education specialist with 8+ years of experience working for educational startups across Asia.


Kai has a passion for collaborating with people from all walks of life and founded SEKAI in 2020 to help facilitate real-world connections that students lack access to.


Having studied at international schools, Kai is passionate about helping students expand their worldview beyond their classrooms, and develop a curiosity for the world around them. 


Kai holds a Masters degree in Environment, Politics, and Development from SOAS University of London, and is also the co-founder of The Innovation Fellowship (TIF), a new international high school in central Tokyo.

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Chris Clayton

Program Coordinator

Chris has 6+ years of experience creating transformative educational experiences for high school students.

Raised in Australia, Chris's interest in education was sparked when he attended an international conference held in Japan. Since then, Chris has worked to create spaces for other young people to collaborate and cultivate lifelong connections with each other.

Having studied Liberal Arts at the University of Tokyo, Chris is now pursuing a Masters degree in Media Design at Keio University.


Chris also works as director at the WakuPro Foundation, which organizes the annual Parliamentary Debate World Competition for students from 12+ countries. 

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Our Community Partners

At SEKAI, we have the privilege of working with people from indigenous Ainu communites across Japan, the Maasai tribes of Kenya, and Inupiat community in Northern Alaska. Our partners are at the heart of our programs and the key to creating memorable experiences for students.

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